How to Create Event Planning Proposal

As an event planner, it is important to know how to write an event in order to get the attention of all clients looking for qualified and professional event planners.

A good proposal will allow to give you kickstart compared to your competition. Planning an event requires a lot of attention to detail, scheduling and follow up. By presenting a detailed event proposal, it will allow to attract your potential client.

What to include in Event Planning Proposal?

  • Overview & Event Summary
  • Services
  • Event Planning Timeline
  • Proposed Costs
  • Policies
  • Conclusion with Call to Action

Overview & Event Summary

A one page summary that briefly describes the event and the important details. You may also include a general introduction of your business with the testimonials from past clients. Discuss about the background and length of time in business, even a particular niche experiences.

If you have planned similar events in the past, include photos of the events to showcase your past work. Visual representations will allow and gain further assurance of your potential client to trust on your services.

Don’t forget to include overall scope of the event with the inclusion of initial meeting, such as goal of the event, proposed dates, numbers of events, budget and suitable event venue that is in accordance with the theme.


It is best to specific in this section by listing all the services that can be provide for the event. It is best to include detailed with a clear understanding of what is included and what is additional. Clients usually would like to know your capabilities and how the customisation can be.

A check list with a visuals is one of the compelling ways to attract. If the event will include multiple functions and details of the services.

Event Planning Timeline

Creating a Event Planning is also one of the ways to attract your potential clients on how certain period of time that you could complete with the progress of the planning. With the proper documentation and the checklists to ensure all details are covered. It also provide timeframes and accountability with actions extending to follow up.

You may create a timeline of certain things that can be settled such as the hiring photographers, event caterers and others.

Proposed Costs

This section will include all of the costs to be detailed to ensure the client will grab detailed understanding of how things work such as basic pricing, additional pricing and others. It is best to include other or secondary costs such as transportation costs and even deposit fees.

You may include the charges by flat fee or charges on hourly basis. Inclusive of discounts and payment requirements should be also needed to be included.


Remember to include event planning policies such as cancellation policy, payment deadlines and rental and damage policy to manage client’s expectations and definitely maintain your relationship with vendors.

The policies also important for your business as it will protect your business’ interests if things do not go in your favour.

Conclusion with Call to Action

Be sure to include your relevant business contact information at the bottom of the event business proposal. Most importantly, don’t forget to include last piece of your proposal with a “Thank You For their consideration.

Include your contact information such as website, email address and phone number.


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