How To Draft Post Event Survey

The Event is over and the only thing that comes in your mind after the event went successfully. You are interested to get feedback on what the guests experiences in which area they may like the most, what is their least interest in the event’s agenda.

Those data can be a critical resource in which that you can utilize it to learn more about the attendees’ behavior and on how to improve the event in next event planning.

Whether hosting a social event, business, networking or any kind of event. Event and Conference surveys are a great way to capture attendee feedback. It is simple to create and distribute.

The common tools for Surveys are SurveyMonkey and Google Forms

Here are the common questions

  • How was the experience overall?
  • How accessible for the venue?
  • How were the food & beverage options?
  • How was the check-in experience?
  • What are certain areas that we can improve?
  • How can we contact with further questions?

Few tips on gathering post-event attendee feedback

  1. Add Photos & Videos – As the common people say that Pictures define a thousand words. Therefore, it also adds a certain compelling way to the experiences for the picture. It also create revisiting key moment in the post-event survey.
  2. Include a Strong CTA – Having a strong takeaways and messaging from your event really an opportunity to reinforce the core message again
  3. Include Thank You, Page – Having a thank you would allow the survey participants to feel appreciated
  4. Promote Your Next Event – Post-event survey is the opportunity to reengage attendees and promote a powerful follow-up action such as event sign-ups and donations.

What are the Goals for Post Event Survey?

Any marketing activity should begin by assessing the end product of certain actions. It is the best to identify what are certain aspects that we need to achieve from.

Measure Overall Event Satisfaction

Every event will have positive and negative outcomes and it is best to know the guests in personal perspectives on what are the areas that can be improved on. By using survey questions to allow to quantify the event’s success as a whole.

Include event survey questions that give numerical results that can be objectively measured. For Example, simply ask guests to rate their satisfaction.

Event Highlights

There are certain key highlights that event attendees enjoy most and there are certain parts that event attendees may recall the moments of it.

The Importance of Post Event Survey

Getting feedback with constructive criticism is hard especially to those organizing members who put their total effort into major things. Positive feedback is great but perhaps it is best to know what are the key areas that can be improved on.

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