How To Get Sponsors For Your Event

Nowadays Businesses are about embracing the idea of collaboration and shared marketing in enormous efforts. It is about constantly looking for ways to get the word out about their products and teaming up with the sponsee.

If you are a building a large scale that caters an enormous amount of audience. You will then need to have a high-scale budget which inclusively needs sponsors to aid financially and even marketing for your event. With that, what’s the right way to approach potential sponsors that will leverage your events?

1. Identify where their leverage is

Sponsors seek advantages of their sponsorship as part of their marketing strategy. If they do not see it as an advantage to tap into, they would not be interested to sponsor the event. It is best to identify or place into their shoes of what their priorities of sponsoring this event and what can they benefit from it.

2. Identify what you offer to them

Share infographics of the events’ target audience and their socio-economics of the data. It is best with the predictive analytics that provides value to the customers. Sharing a similar demographic audience will allow to distinguish you from a competitor.

It’s best to ask what are kind of offers that you are able to provide such as promotional rights, access to the audience or complimentary tickets, category exclusivity.

3. Connect with Event Sponsors

When you’re thinking of how to get sponsors for events, creating a different compilation of material that able formalize different sponsorship packages and keep things consistent regardless of personnel that might be involved with it.

That said, create a list of organizing a list of prospects in a spreadsheet.

  • Inform what your event is about and what is the ultimate objective of organizing the event
  • Summarize the projection numbers of attendees and facts about the event
  • Highlight why the company is fit to be the sponsor for the event
  • Highlight the benefit with their business goals
  • Propose Different Package Levels

Sponsors see your event as a form of advertising for their company that allows creating brand awareness in large audience at once. It is best to outline anticipated attendance and attendance numbers of past events, social media engagement, and other related disciplines.

It’s best to create a sponsorship package that allows distinguishing what kind of tier with the amount of sponsorship the company willing to put out. Sponsorship is actually a partnership between your event and your sponsors that needs dedicated attention.

4. Make them Special

The event needs external funding form company that you seek for. The game is on Sponsor’s perspective. It is best to be direct and ask the sponsor what it wants in return. That said, The sponsor may able to know what are specific demands that they wish to implement.

At the same time, it is best not to be afraid and negotiate to get fair deal amongst both parties. For bigger sponsorship deal, it is suggested to develop a more detailed contract with the presence of legal advice to ensure risk is mitigated in any case of things might go wrong.

5. Create a Long Term Relationship With Sponsors

Although satisfying the needs of the sponsors in hopes to be coming with build more memories for the attendees. It is best to strengthen the relationship.

That said, provide extensive hospitality for the hosts with VIP amenities by giving positive experiences of sponsor employees or representatives.

Don’t forget to thank sponsors. The relationship should not end when the event is over. It is best to ask them to sponsor the event again to make sure to remain connected.

Don’t also forget to include audience engagement and conduct post-event analysis by taking photos or videos of the event. Monitoring the engagement level with hashtags, media coverage or any sufficient evidence that considered the event to be successful in sponsors’ and general perspectives.

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