Event Marketing of 5Ws

As someone who is familiar with Event Marketing. It is always about constantly evaluating the several important elements of the fundamentals of event marketing. It is about to showcase event marketing strategies that work with access to researching and insights of improving the event marketing strategies or approaches.

As most of the events are vary according to the theme, target audience and related matters, it always has it’s common ground on maximizing prospect engagement with event marketing timeline.

1. Who

Ask yourself who will be fit into the event, who the target audience and who is going to fill in the front row of the event and who are the people that will is keen to be attending the event. This allows having more marketing personas whilst planning the event. The definition of ‘Who’ may go beyond the age group, gender, and general demographics.

It is best to figure out who are the people that motivate to be attending the event which. It is best to identify the purchasing demand, social media traits and even behavioral characteristics.

2. Why

Why generally depicts what is the ultimate end goal of creating the event such as the raising concerns, for example, is Why is there a need for organizing this event and why should be a demand for it.

This presents the opportunity for organizing a committee to know what the aims and objectives to be achieved, would it be about selling the products or services during the event, increasing knowledge or awareness and building relationships (charity event).

3. Where

The event venue is always an important consideration that enables event attendees to access the event space easily. The location of the event will actually determine what kind of the event is going to be in general term such that if the location of the event is located in Central Business District, it is anticipated to be a luxury event.

There are several approaches to marketing the event through various channels such as social media advertising, guerilla marketing or traditional advertising. This way it helps to determine which one have a strong appeal to the different audiences.

All of the details about where the event will be hosted, the logistics-wise and what facilities are an important consideration that will inform where your desired event with the price.

4. When

The timing of an event matters a lot that dictated the choice of the venue and the availability of the event which decides the ‘first thing, first’. Executing of when is key for determining the timeline of message delivery.

Also, it is best to know ‘when’ the event is going be held also determine the event’s plan especially when date of the event that will take place may interrupt several special occasions such as the festive holidays or weekend or even weekdays.

5. What

It is best to identify to what the event that you organizing will be about. What are the motivations for the target audience to be attending the event?

It is highly suggested to assert creativity skills efficiently on considering to make an impact on the target market that aligned with their motivations. Similarly, aiming what is the Unique Selling Proposition of the event that is relevant to the event that you are planning.

For example:

  • A networking event is an opportunities to network with influencers, seek advice and create a relationship with others.
  • Entertainment event is about casually chilling with friends and having fun

It is best to establish goals and target audience that will determine the answer to “What” the event will be to assemble the interests of the event attendees.

Yahya Hassan

Yahya Hassan

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