How to set Pricing Strategies for Event Organizers

Pricing your event is an important element for the event planning process by setting the right ticket prices that boost your ticket sales and generate more ROI for the events. Despite that, it is best to plan and set the appropriate event pricing strategy that allows to bring down to its success.

1. Know What Your Event Is About

First thing first is to reflect and understand what the motivations of planning the event and who would be the right target audience. Once that’s sorted, it is also to compose an accurate and successful pricing strategy.

The price of your event has a major effect on how potential attendees will be seen in the type of event. If setting the prices too low, it may not be taken seriously and the pricing that’s too high will be also reduced.

2. Know your Expenses and Investments

Make sure that you are keeping up-to-date with the expenses and investments of your business. This can be everything from maintenance and expenses of your event. When you have a good financial perspective that allows tracking the expenses by daily, monthly and also annually.

3. Clear Communication Amongst Your Team

Always figure out what are the best and suitable pricing to charge the attendees for your event. Make sure to consider that evaluate the cases separately and provide a catered proposal for their client based on each unique event. Whatever the case may be, make sure to communicate pricing in a clear and proper manner.

4. Evaluate Your Event

After you’ve compiled a comprehensive event pricing strategy and set it action, be sure to monitor ticket. See if demand for your event increase nor decreases based on changes you’ve made in price compared to another event.

All in all, monitor the event right when tickets go on sale in order to tail ticket prices to the right pattern of demand.

5. Basic Formula

The formula is for calculating profit

Sales – Cost of Goods = Gross Profit

Selling Price – Cost to Produce / Cost to Produce = Markup Percentage


Charging for event planning services isn’t cut and dry formula. Each business has to consider their audience, their schedule and their investments. Thus, if you are a planner who organises numerous events annually. when it comes to choosing an event when developing an event pricing strategy.

Rahman Kabir

Rahman Kabir

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