Low cost Event Ideas at Work

Working out on events with a low budget yet with a bright outcome. Here are few rough ideas on creating an amazing event. It can be tricky to plan an event with a strict budget. When the purse are tight, you will need to balance the right cost.

here are budget friendly event ideas to pick and choose for your next office event ideas.

Nerf War

As cliché for a nerf war. It can be fun and walking back to the memory lane with your colleagues. This game is suitable for large open area and it can go basic with just a nerf gun.

Office Trivia

This is one of common games that should be played at work, prepare several questions and give prizes to teams that get the most correct answers. You can go from various themes to even educational.

Zombie Hunt

Escape rooms are one of the popular and you can go low budget with that game. You can create all sorts of variations of this game to tailor the interests at your workplace by focusing solely or solving puzzles in the fastest time.

General tips

One thing to keep in mind is that everyone looks forward or has the desire to participate in office activities. Being in administrative or assistant role, most likely you have regular chunk of the office population so that use to your advantage. This not only allows you to gauge which one would be the crowd please.

Also, send out survysnfor your colleagues to complete after the event is settled. This will give you what improvements and shortcomings for running the event.

Yahya Hassan

Yahya Hassan

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