How to create Event Festival

There is something about a being a wide-open space for Event Festival. Regardless of what type of event festival that, you’re holding (Music, Food, and others). It needs to create magical experience awaiting those who will be attending. With that, festivals are frequently at large scale, spanning multiple days and huge crowds. Those factors are still in consideration with carefully planned and the success is predicated on the planning and precise execution.

1. Plan, Plan & Plan

The focus of your event for such any type of event may need a lot of pieces of equipment that will support the event. It is best to hire event productions company that specialised in certain areas. They will know exactly what you need when you need it.

2. Budget Wisely

Don’t lose track of your total event planning budget. It is often going to struggle to keep festival-goers entertained for the duration of the festival.

3. Coordinate well with Volunteers

A vital part of planning a smooth experience is staffing entry points to customer service locations within the festival. It is recommendable to have dedicated team members to check wristbands, IDs, and bags to keep the lines moving.

Furthermore, it is also highly suggested to designate a trusted staff member to distribute and hold onto valuable inventory.

Most importantly, do not overlook the importance of the security aspect to assign the roles and responsibilities of the festival staff.

4. Pursuit of Sponsors

If your festival is in need of extra funding, sponsors are one of considerable options to pursue to get extra funding. It is not necessarily getting big corporations or MNCs. However, what will be the return of your offer for the sponsors?

Typically, it is often done with advertising and by projecting the details of the potential sponsor. They may need to know the gauge of their spending.

You can offer logo placement on all posters, flyers and printed promos in festival and event promotion.

Large companies have money for sponsorships that have been allotted within their corporate social responsibility (CSR) budgets, but often hard to reach without any insider.

5. Create a Marketing Strategy

Promoting festival is not unlike a promoting a show but the pressure can be overwhelming. There are considerable costs to look at and also measuring the metrics of success too.

It’s often when you promote an event festival. It’s always best to look at both angles of marketing (classic and also digital marketing). Boost on the Facebook event early on and also final push of the event.

It is also suggested to plan weekly social media content in advance so that it will not scramble any last-minute posts.

In all of the process, every post should be documenting them with hashtags.



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