Must Do’s of Event Marketing

What is Event Marketing?

Event Marketing is a promotion of a product, brand, or services through in-person interaction. There are various ways of how event marketing can be catered to address the specific goals. One of the way to measure the ROI of marketing is through the number of attendees and event management.

Event marketing can be hosting an event to build stronger relationships with prospects and customers. It could also be attending an event as a promoter to educate potential customers on the company product offering.

How to Market an Event?

Decide who the target audience before planning the rest.

The initial step to deciding before anything is specifying the target audience. From there, it will lead to other decisions such as the format, content, pricing, locations and others that will follow gradually. The structured approach will also help you to stay focused on achieving specific goals.


Have a clear business purpose for holding the event.

Before to begin the plan a successful event, be clear on why plan to do it in the first place. Every decision should be supporting the main goals. There are considerable questions that should keep in mind such asĀ  1. Will it drive conversion?

2. Does it provide lead generation?

3. How to develop customer loyalty?

The supporting decisions should be in correlation with the purpose and the business scope of the event that will benefit your event planning.

Be Flexible on Schedule and others

As getting into the event planning process, the event setting changes will change typically such as the time, location, size and other ways that you originally planned. It is normal however you might be want to take precise plans and create a contingency plan. Some flexibility is necessary

Develop a Financial Plan for your event

Creating a financial plan will able to identify what are the things that you need to pay for the event. Most events are funded through sponsorships, ticket sales, internal marketing budgets or all of the three. When planning a budget for the event. You will need to create an estimation of how much the budget of the event is, the area of rental and other following factors.

Event Marketing Tips

Pre-Event Curation of Content

Create a tangible content leading up to during the event for event attendees to grab the idea of what the event is about. You may take create merchandise or promo content such as videos, photos, t-shirts or anything. This can create a buzz leading up to the event and tap new audiences for attendees to keep event property top of mind.

Event-Related Videos

Create a simple video interview of the event lineup or speakers and post it on social media. Typically it can be done through Google Hangouts or Skype. It’s easier than you think and also effective.

Pre-Event Email

Email marketing would be the best channel if you have existing attendees to on your mailing list. One of the ways to increase your mailing list is through affiliate partners.

Social Media

When it comes to an event, it always important to produce consistent content. Two traits are considered important when it comes to event marketing on social media which are quality and quantity. Both traits should take in consideration and precise planning.

Make sure the event is promoting the event lineup or speakers to increase the validation of the event and also trust as well. This will encourage prospects to share it with their networks and a temptation to attend the event.


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