The Basics of Event Partners

Event Partners (Event Space Owner & Event Service Provider) desire to get feedback on how they want they create more demands into their space and improving their listings. This article will outline on how to approach and successfully execute each step of the sales process so that you can win more bookings

1. Prospecting

A huge advantage of being listed with Galaspace is that we do the first step of the sales process for you. You will be receiving bookings from Galaspace’s community where you do not need any of marketing to attract event planners to your listings. To make prospecting as easy as answering the leads who are already interested to your event space and event service.

  1. Read the inquiry carefully, answer to your questions precisely and honestly.
  2. Check all of the details of the event such as date, time and others.

2. Preparation

It is best to check your response and make sure you identify the questions that event planner has raised and consider the details of the event and prepare an offer that is affordable, competitive and reasonable

3. Objection Handling

To be sure to understand any hesitation from event planner, you may need address what kind of event planner are in need of. It may due to pricing or space/service features. It is best to address it by checking out their past events that they conducted previously. It’s always best to get to know what are the needs and wants of the event planner really need.

4. Close and Follow Up

When you finalise things on Galaspace, be sure to include all relevant information that are discussed over messaging, calls and site visits. If the customer did not book, send them follow up message and help them make a decision.

Bonus and Important Notes

  1. Friendliness is always important and let event planner know that you’re excited to hear about them
  2. Ask the right questions
  3. Sometimes, pictures don’t sell – it’s always about convincing them
Rahman Kabir

Rahman Kabir

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