9 Things That You Are Naturally Event Organizer

It’s true that the world of event planning and event management has changed greatly in the respect of last 10 years especially the with the introduction of technologies that provide conveniences and ease the challenges of event planning. Different kinds of event software help to make the event run smoothly and possibly gain a better competitive advantage. It takes a certain type of person to be an event planner.

1. Your Confidence 

A great event planner has to work with a team and other people in order to ensure the event is a success. This means that the manager should have the ability to tell and listen without any issues. it is also necessary to address the importance of understanding the needs of the client’s. Therefore, an event planner needs to find ways to come up with different options whilst meeting the needs.

2. Plan Ahead Kinda Person

When you are in response to “Let’s meet up” or “let’s have dinner”. You always check on your calendar first before confirming the invitation. You always schedule yourself ahead.

3. You critique the events that you attend

At any events that you are attending, you’re always analysed what could’ve been done better and what are the areas that you can improve on.

4. Your Delegation Skills

You may be the most productive person that you know of. However, you may not be afraid to delegate the tasks to your team member also. You do what it takes to get the job done in the most efficient way. In short, you are a result-oriented person.

5. You have more than Plan A, B or C.

Planning an event is always changed due to event vendor’s cannot make it other types of inconveniences that might bring you. You can withstand the issues that might bring up to you regardless of whether it’s big or small and you always have the contingency plan.

6. Always keep things on Detail.

You are the type of person that small things are also important. You also involve yourself into things and look at small things and try to get everything right. If you are, you are already naturally considered as an event planner. Your skill of observation will prevent small things from turning into bigger problems. Attention to detail indicating you that everything is more productive and achieve more within a limited period of time.

7. Leadership Skills

Well, most people often say “Leaders are born and not made”. This is an old saying and it can be true for event planners as well. You have that leadership quality that shows that you are an event planner. Your excellent leadership skill helps your team to navigate towards the results and that is why your events are a roaring success.

8. Tech Savvy

Event management has changed a lot with the presence of technology. If you are well-versed in using it. This will help you get things done faster and make you more efficient and productive as an event planner. There is a lot of event management software such as event ticketing software, event attendance software and others.

9. Stress doesn’t concern you

Some people struggle when they are under pressure. Others thrive. You fall into someone that thrives when they are under pressure. Sometimes, you would able to think creatively when things are not the thing that you planned for.

If you possess these qualities, it is indicated that you were born to be an event planner. These qualities mean you are tailor-made for this profession.

Yahya Hassan

Yahya Hassan

I do things that I am passionate about. I sometimes write that I feel it is important. Feel free to share me anything that's worth sharing about at yahya.Hassan@galaspace.com

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