6 Things to consider before choosing Event Venue

The most important aspect of a successful event is event venue selection. It is usually the first step in the planning phase because everything else will decide upon the choice of your event venue.

1. Location

The main thing to consider when it comes to the location of your event is how easily your event attendee able to reach it. If the event venue is around the CBD area or the central area, then holding the event in close proximity to their homes or offices would make a greater sense. Whereas, if most attendees are visiting from out of town, choosing a venue near the airport is more practical. The key of venue location is limiting and increase the accessibility while travelling to your event.

2. Accessibility

If you are expecting guests with small children, check the restroom for diaper-changing stations. If you have invited senior citizens, consider finding a venue that doesn’t climb the stairs or minimal stairs. Make sure that to have a projected content to ensure that guests able to ensure that fonts are in made in an appropriate way that is clear and legible to all of your event guests.

3. Ambiance

Think about the type of venue that would best suit your event style. You can also save money by choosing a venue that fits the theme without the need of hiring event decorators for your event.

That said, you need to be specific for your event. Are you looking to host a Chinese New Year’s dinner or Chinese New Year party? If you stop thinking about it, you will need to realize that each of everyone has different needs. Each of the venues has it’s own theme and the atmosphere that will set it out for your event. Choosing the right venue will dictate how the atmosphere of your event is going to be. Perhaps this would be the least technical aspect to consider to match the mood or ambiance that you wish to establish.

4. Cost

It’s always important to stick to your event budget and it has always remained one of the biggest concerns. so cost is obviously a factor when choosing a venue. Consider that time of year and the day of your event when planning for cost. It’s important to remain aware of any additional services that a venue offers. Different venues may calculate the event space’s price differently, cost per person and minimum spend are all common but can make a big difference to cost.

You need to know exactly what’s included before agreeing to the terms. Don’t be afraid to negotiate also. Being flexible on the date can help as well.

5. Capacity

Along with the budget, the number of guests is also the most crucial aspect of event planning. When it comes to event planning, you have the dilemma of whether your event is going to exceed the numbers of underwhelmed the attendance of your event. Choosing a venue that’s the size for your event is also important. Booking a venue that’s just able to accommodate the number of people you expect will help give your event a lively atmosphere and save money. One final detail to consider if you are organising an event such as a party or conference, you may end up more guests than you expected.

6. Uniqueness

Every event planner wants to do something that’s unique or unprecedented from before. Unique venues have become particularly attractive to the Millenials. The question is, how do you determine that the event space is unique and attractive? There’s rooftop venues to patio spaces are in demand for evening events and BBQ nights.


Finding the right venue can be a time-consuming effort and is one of the most important factors in any event success. Venue search engines have become very popular to discover and book event venue. The easiest way to ensure that your venue will live up to your expectations is to use transparently and cut to the chase of event details (pricing, time and others). Find your ideal venue on www.galaspace.com as it can be as cheap as $100 pax for up to 60pax. It’s not just that, Galaspace also helps you to discover event services (F&B Catering, Event Photographers, Event Performers) for your event. Think about it, it’s one-stop events marketplace for you!

Yahya Hassan

Yahya Hassan

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