How to host a Virtual Conference in a simple way

Due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances that occur currently with CoVid-19 virus that’s happening around the world. The world has a need to communicate with each other and connect together. It has left conference organizers and event planners in a tough spot. But there’s a way to shutter events in the early period of 2020.

1. Getting Started with Virtual Conference is Easy

Setting up a virtual conference is already simple and easy as most of the current laptops have in-house webcams and microphones. You can also boot up a free live streaming platform like Instagram Live or Youtube Live. The downside is that the quality of your video and audio won’t be as you expected.

Indeed, some of the organizations have rolled out a professional AV equipment as apart of their contingency plan.

Did you know?

Photo by Jason Quah

Singapore and New Zealand hosted a virtual summit on March 20 of 2020 to discuss military training and military training even though there’s a pandemic that’s been going around currently.


2. Decide on the format of your Virtual Conference

designing the format of the event regardless of whether virtually or physically is the most the single most important component of event planning. This way, there are also a lot of innovative formats for the virtual conference by integrating social learning platforms with live events and running the event over a week with reflective sessions and a jam event.

There are also pros and cons whether to the format to be a live event and also recorded event.

3. Schedule is Important

As most of what you encounter when you are scheduling a meeting with your partners in another part of the world. Someone in the conversation might need to schedule a call with a different timezone. Imagine if there are conference guests who are attending the virtual conference in a massive difference in time zones that might also attract confusion of what day was on. It’s important to schedule and seek feedback for the reasonable time-zones that can be held for the majority to attend the virtual conference.

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