Changing Cleaning Fees for Event Space Partners

As a responsible event space partner, it is best to be responsible for cleaning your space after each of booking and preparing for the upcoming bookings. Guests are encouraged to tidy up and be respectful of your event space and put back the initial positions of the event space prior of the booking.

Many event space partners include their cleaning fees in one price because they know that guests prefer a single and all-inclusive pricing. Other event space partners may have a separate additional fees which is can be incurred such as deposit fees, flat cleaning fees and others. Cleaning fees are meant to to help you to prepare the next booking.

You may necessarily increase the cleaning fees of any COVID-19 enhanced policy that event partners are recommended to comply with local authorities.

Here’s how to setup cleaning fees

  1. Click on your specific ” Listings “
  2. Select ” Edit Pricing ” for the listing you wish to change
  3. Create a new selection of Additional Fees that include specification of ” Cleaning Fee”
  4. Click ” Update ” and You’re Done!



Floriane Regig

Floriane Regig

Community Manager at Galaspace. contact me directly at !

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