How Event Influencers Can Drive Your Event Marketing

Finding and engaging with influencers has become a huge thing for the last couple of years and the trend has finally caught the attention of marketers to maximize their branding and products and certainly not to miss out events too.

The influencers have driven its impact on social media and may lead greater metrics on ticket sales. However, the same question still remains; “who is the influencers that really boost the metrics?”

Consumers are still looking to trendsetters to help guide their decision-making. That’s why influencers can become integral parts of your event marketing events, making any venue the place to be seen.

1. Offer Compensation

The best way to utilize influencer marketing at your next event is to treat the influencer like a highly valued consultant. However, it varies on the caliber of your event and caliber of influencer

2. Observe and Learn

Selecting the best influencer for your next event is challenging, you need to know your audience and each of influencers’ community has different mindsets, different ways of engagement although it can be on the same topic. Through this process, you will able to discover valuable content on what your audience loves and can relate to influencers too.

3. Make Your Event’s Impression to be what you expect

Know what your event is about; If your event’s attendees comprise a majority of millennials, do prepare a unique #hashtag for the attendees to post on their social media. The attendees will drive your event’s marketing further by sharing their activities at your event.

It’s always best to learn about the guest list’s behaviour and how you can represent yourself in a manner that suits best to them. Always keep in mind that no influencer is too small; what’s best for the event is to have a positive impact and that matters most!

4. Trust Your Event Influencers What They Need To Do.

The Influencers have their own approach on how to grab the attention of their community to maximize the capabilities on reaching as many as possible. It’s imperative that you should not restrict their freedom of creativity.

Provide their basic information such as Words/ terms/ hashtags/ competitors to avoid and basic information about the event such as Location, Event Pricing, Features, and other related matters.

5. Know What’s Worth Also!

Paying influencers may not be necessary if an event is well-organized and have a better sense of value. In some cases, some event marketers pay influencers to write a long-form piece of an event than to attend an event. Social interaction is of utmost importance to influencers, planners should follow the people whom they invite to their events and like, comment, and share their posts from both their personal accounts and those tied to the brand.


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