How to Organise an Event ( Part 1)

Companies can sink tonnes of cash in an event and still have it fail, and on the other hand, it’s also possible to organize an event regardless of event type on a small budget and consider it to be a success.

To consider the event to be a success, it takes a proper planning in order to strictly coordinate the right execution plan.

How to Do it?

Having an idea of what kind of event to organize is already great. Brainstorm the idea, amend the event’s idea that is not necessarily fresh or revolutionary to succeed. What’s important is that the concept would stand out from your competitors.

Once the concept is clearly defined, it’s best to understand who would fit into your event. This is considered to be one of the important initial steps before heading into more complex planning. Always use Simon Sinek’s famous reasoning; Start with Why, How and What.

Your audience could be varied to socio-economic status, interests, gender, religion and even age.

The event’s agenda is somehow important with the timing of it can be considered to be one of the crucial factors. Usually, shorter events would keep costs down as accommodation would not be a consideration, unlike events that take days.

Event Partnerships & Sponsorships

To round out your event, it’s important to provide things such as catering, printed material, basic necessities that will complement the event’s agenda and concept. In most cases, small businesses would be keen for event collaboration.

Partnering with community organizations would able to offer a venue and/or assistance with organizing or staffing an event.


The Event’s funding should incorporate estimates for all of the key items that are needed for the event. Keep in mind that you should not forget the costs of logistics. Selecting your potential sponsors carefully would benefit your event and definitely reduce your event’s costs greatly. Sponsors would like to maximize exposure of their brand.

Marketing and Media

Planning an event on a low budget is not even an easy thing to do. However, incorporate cost-effective marketing into your event would elevate your event’s exposure and increase your event’s attendees significantly. It’s best to promote on Social media with knowing who your audience is and meet them there.

Get involved with local journalists and local bloggers to leverage the event’s marketing fully. Also, engage with your event speakers to market the event.

If you are selling tickets, Offer them early-bird incentives to ensure people do not have to wait until the last minute to jump on.

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