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In Our Inaugural Get into Details Interview –
Jules Martin is currently a Event Organizer and Event Speaker Acquisition Specialist for Block On Capital that is based in Singapore. Block On Capital is a worldwide blockchain venture builder / VC firm providing incubation, acceleration and advisory support to global innovators with blockchain-based visions since 2013.

First and Foremost, What are some basic criteria for event speaker to declare as someone who is prepared enough to deliver their insights or topic?

Well the first thing we look at is if the speaker already has a solid background in the event industry. If this person has already speak to many major events he/she will be in a prior position to be recruted. Then the position in a company of the speaker is quite important. We are mostly looking for C-level executive such as CEO of blockchain start-ups or major companies.

As an Event Speaker Acquisition Specialist, what is your ideal for event speaker’s candidate?

My ideal speaker is a speaker which is very famous in the industry I’m working in (which is blockchain industry) such as the CEO of a very famous company, and who has shown great talents in speaking in front of a big crowd. In a nutshell my ideal speaker is a speaker with a “big” name and some experience as a speaker.

Do you prepare questions or drill some questions before you nominate the event speakers?

Well my job does not require me to do this kind of thing because I’m recruiting speakers for the database of our platform : “Event Apple”. We are building an ecosystem where we connect together event organizer, speakers, sponsors, vendors etc… So once the speaker has join our data base, he can get in contact with the event organizer and they will decide whether the speaker fit the requirements they are looking for.

What are some challenges do you faced while in search of ideal event speaker for your event?

The hardest part is to know where to look for good speakers. However there are many ways to find them. First of all you can go through the list of speakers from previous events and contact them because you know these speakers has the experience. Also you can use linkedIn which is a very useful tool.

Let’s get into the details, how do you attract speakers for your event?

Attract speakers is not really hard. We juste approach them with few major events coming in the next month. They are mostly more than happy to have an opportunity to participate to such events.

What is your advice for the first timer who may be in the midst of trying to attract speakers for their event?

Make sure you promote your event well. You need a proper deck and some notorious partners or sponsors. This are some features that will attract the speakers.

Let’s put aside of your role, what are some differences of blockchain ecosystem that you’ve noticed in Singapore and your native country?

So first of all my native country is France. I don’t see any blockchain ecosytem differences actually. Blockchain is the same in any country. What changes are the regulations. However I can tell that blockchain has a bigger importance in SG that in France. And you can see that with just all the money raised with the ICO in SG last year.

Last but not least, what would be an ideal gift as a token of appreciation for event speaker?

Something very common is to give a reward to the speaker after they spoke. Like a prize for the best project or something like that.

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